World Fantasy Awards

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At our last meeting (report coming…) I said that there are no big awards coming up soon that I know of. Wrong! Of course I should be aware of The World Fantasy Awards (click the link to see the list of nominees). Not as well known as the Hugo, but for some of us maybe more interesting. And the World Fantasy Convention this year is in Canada, in Calgary to be precise, and really soon: Oct 30-Nov 2. Watch out for the World Fantasy Award result. Reading for a future meeting?



Some news links

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The Hugo Award nomination list is out. Check it out to see which works the members of the World Science Fiction Convention (that is, those of the fans that bother to send in nominations) like this year.

The shortlist for the Arthur C Clarke Awards was also recently announced.

One of the important science fiction conventions in Europe is the British Eastercon, held over Easter weekend. The British Science Fiction Association also has a literary award, and here is a live report from the awards ceremony (there seems to be no official list on the BSFA web site yet.

Few have missed that Arthur C Clarke passed away last week, the last remaining part of the three big names in science fiction (Isaac Asimov and Robert A Heinlein the other two, of course). SF Signal has collected links to online fiction (and video), and also links to other people remembering Clarke.