About the Fearless Fantasy Fans

We are a small group of people who love fantastic literature. We read a lot, and meet once a month (at least) to discuss books and other things.

The group is located in Kingston, Ontario. We like meeting new people. To get in touch with us, write to fearlessfantasy_at_gmail.com (you know what to do to make it a proper email address) or leave a comment here.



  1. Penny Brown said,

    You did a great job on the website.

  2. Neil Hollands said,

    I’m a librarian, writer, and speculative fiction book group leader in Williamsburg, Virginia. I’m working on a handbook for speculative fiction groups for Libraries Unlimited and would like to include a broader perspective than just my own. Would you be willing to answer some questions about your group?

    Thanks for considering,

    Neil Hollands
    Williamsburg Regional Library

  3. Robbi said,

    Hi, Interested in joining. Missed the meeting in April, do you have a date and location for the second yet?

    • åka said,

      The second? No, nothing decided. But the next of the regular meetings will be on May 12, at 7pm as usual. Updates will come on the blog!

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