The meeting on February 11 changed location *updated*

Posted in meetings at 7:03 am by åka

Due to some odd miscommunications at the library, no rooms are actually available at the advertised date for our information and discussion night about Neil Gaiman and the Worldcon. We are working on finding a new location, most likely at Queen’s. I will post the new loction here as soon as I know what we have, and the library publicity people will help us get the information out.

The new location is at the Grad Club, located on the corner of Barrie and Union (see map). Time: still 7pm.

Show map.

If you are interested, there was an article about Neil Gaiman and Coraline in Toronto Star last Friday after his visit to attend the premiere of the movie. (Via Neil Gaiman’s Journal.)



  1. Chris said,

    Just a note, the event notice in the Kingston This Week seems to indicate that Neil Gaiman will be at the event and not that it’s a discussion about him.

    • åka said,

      O no, not there too! As I wrote in an earlier post, the notice in the Queen’s Gazette says that it will be a discussion with Neil Gaiman… I’m terribly sorry about this, when we prepared the press information I thought I was clear enough.

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