The Nebula Awards, and more about Andre Norton

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The nominations for the Nebula Awards are out! If things go the usual way, we will soon see lists of links to all the short works online. Why not discuss the nominated works for our April meeting? Update: SF Signal has links to those of the nominated works that are available online.

These awards are presented by the Science Fiction Writers of America. SFWA also has created the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy, and Andre Norton is our topic for the March meeting (see previous post).

Here is the official Andre Norton web site, with, among other things, a guide to the Witchworld books — useful for those like me who find it difficult to understand how the books are related to eachother. (This is one of the examples of how Fantastic Fiction is not so reliable when it comes to older works.)



March meeting

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The next meeting is on March 10, 7pm at The Sleepless Goat.

The theme for this meeting will be Andre Norton. Read something by her, or something about her, and come talk about her writing: good, bad, interesting, influential?

If you have been to at least one of our meetings you know that the group got a donation of books and videos to take care of and give good homes. There is still some left. Write to fearlessfantasy [at] gmail.com if you want to know more.


The meeting on February 11 changed location *updated*

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Due to some odd miscommunications at the library, no rooms are actually available at the advertised date for our information and discussion night about Neil Gaiman and the Worldcon. We are working on finding a new location, most likely at Queen’s. I will post the new loction here as soon as I know what we have, and the library publicity people will help us get the information out.

The new location is at the Grad Club, located on the corner of Barrie and Union (see map). Time: still 7pm.

Show map.

If you are interested, there was an article about Neil Gaiman and Coraline in Toronto Star last Friday after his visit to attend the premiere of the movie. (Via Neil Gaiman’s Journal.)