Short December meeting report

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Yesterday we had our monthly meeting at The Sleepless Goat. We talked about Charles de Lint, but there is probably much more to say about his books. I think we agreed that he writes about people and situations that often feel relevant and believable. It’s often about how to come out of difficult situations and still be sane and human. There is a lot of compassion in his stories, people who care about eachother. The fantastic elements are also interesting, drawn from different mythologies. I will probably read more by Charles de Lint, I don’t know about you.

We also discussed Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, a book that I have been recommending to everyone. We will probably talk about it again when others have finished it, so that we can discuss the ending.

Of course we talked about lots of other things. We heard about a crazy dentist incident, and some winter related mishaps. Real life can be interesting!

Next meeting will be on the second Tuesday of January (thats Jan 13) at 7pm. The meeting place is still The Sleepless Goat. This time we’ll talk about Elizabeth Bear. Note that you can find a lot of samples of her writing online, listed here. There is also the story Shoggoths in Bloom, which for some reason doesn’t seem to be on that list.

Also, remember the Ad Astra science fiction convention in Toronto in March. The membership fees are going up at the end of this month.