Local authors

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Robert Sawyer has made a list of SF/F authors in or around Toronto (which qualifies as local, compared to the size of Canada). It’s not even a complete list, it’s only those that are at least moderately successful and well known. He counts to 24.



December meeting

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Our next meeting will be on December 9, second Tuesday of the month as usual. Place: The Sleepless Goat (downtown, on Princess). Time: 7pm.

This time we will talk about Charles de Lint. Read anything you like by him, find out what you want about him, and come talk about his writing.

The discussion about Iain M Banks this Tuesday was interesting. Of course, it’s always more fun with more people!


November meeting today!

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I guess if you don’t know about it already, you will miss it despite my posting this. Anyway, in case you are interested in taking a look at it after the meeting, here are some Iain [M] Banks related links.

And here he is, talking about his latest Culture novel, Matter. The guy you see in the background is Ken MacLeod (another scottish science fiction author).