November meetings

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In November we are planning two meetings. The regular meeting is, as usual, the second Tuesday of the month. This time that means November 11. Time: 7pm. Place: The Sleepless Goat (downtown, Princess). The topic is Iain [M] Banks. If possible, read something by him before the meeting. (If you haven’t read anything by him you are of course still welcome.)

There will also be an extra meeting on November 4, if everything goes according to plan. We will see a movie adaptation of The War of the Worlds, and compare it with the book (read it before then!). We might also listen to parts of the rock opera and the Orson Welles radio theatre version — it depends on what we can arrange.

Watch this space for updates. Questions can be asked in the comments here, or sent to fearlessfantasy at gmail dot com (you know what to do to make that into a real email address).



World Fantasy Awards

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At our last meeting (report coming…) I said that there are no big awards coming up soon that I know of. Wrong! Of course I should be aware of The World Fantasy Awards (click the link to see the list of nominees). Not as well known as the Hugo, but for some of us maybe more interesting. And the World Fantasy Convention this year is in Canada, in Calgary to be precise, and really soon: Oct 30-Nov 2. Watch out for the World Fantasy Award result. Reading for a future meeting?