Book group activities

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Things I know that people do in book groups, especially SF/F book groups, and that we might also do if anyone is interested.

  • Visit used bookstores together. This is fun. The point is not to find the book stores, the point is to show eachother the good books we find and recommend them, or say everything we think about the bad ones. Very inspiring. You find things you would never have seen if you were there on your own.
  • Book dinner. Cook together, and talk about books (and everything else) over food.
  • Pub meetings. Meet at a bar, just to be social.
  • Invite a speaker, or an author to do a reading and signing. Perhaps together with a book store or a library.
  • Book auction, to raise money for a charity or a fan fund. Can be a way to reach out to new people and be visible, if we want to attract new members. And fun: we get to advertise the books we like! (The problem is to get book donations that are really good things that we want to sell…)
  • Go to a convention together.
  • Anything! We have no leader, anyone can have ideas, and then it only takes a bit of energy to make them real.

Remember: our next meeting is July 8, 7pm (note the time, there has been some confusion about that).



Book recommendation

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Michael Swanwick is a really good author, but I haven’t read anything by him for a long time. When I heard that a sort of sequel to Iron Dragon’s Daughter (a book I remember liking very much) was coming out, I decided that I just have to read it. The Dragon’s of Babel is every bit as good as expected. This is a story of magical, mechanical dragons, and of a “postindustrialized Faerie” with all sorts of mythological creatures. It has texture, smells, colour. I’m not going to say much more about it, just present a quote to give you a feeling of it. An old lady explaining to a child:

Silver is the witch-metal. It takes spells more readily than gold does, and holds it better. It conducts electricity almost as well as gold, and since it has a higher melting point, it’s far superior for use in electronic circuitry. Also it’s cheaper.

Now I really feel that I need to find other books by the same author that I haven’t read yet. You can find The Dragon’s of Babel at the Kingston public library (at least after I return it!).


Catastrophy in June

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Don’t forget the meeting next Tuesday! Bring your literary experience of doom and gloom, and of survival and hope: we’ll discuss apocalypse and catastrophies in fantasy and science fiction.

If you are bored before then, you might explore Galaxiki, a fictional galaxy that anyone can enter and edit to build worlds. It looks fun, but I haven’t had time to look much at it myself so I don’t know what it’s like inside.