New things on this website

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Hello again! I have not given up on this place as a helpful tool for our group. I have started The Fearless Fantasy Directory of Web Zines. It’s still small, but will grow with time. Submit your own links in the comments if you like!

I have also added a password protected page, which can be used for internal information we want accessible for the group only (see the sidebar).



Link party!

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Well, a little one anyway.

The winners of the Canadian Prix Aurora Awards have been announced. Robert Sawyer has the whole list.

The Toronto Star had an article about steampunk style last Friday. If you’re interested, also take a look at the excellent article Steam Dream.

One of the most talked about new books at the moment is Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother. You can actually download the book from the website (yes, it’s made available by the author) if you are the kind of person who might read books on the computer screen. Also check out all the news and how-tos relating to the book.

About our group: the meeting was attended by only one person, so it was not really a meeting. Following our regular schedule, the next meeting will be on June 11, and I guess the topic from this month will be taken up at that meeting: catastrophies and the end of the world as it appears in fantastic literature. Bring a story or some examples that you find interesting. If you are not one of the regular members, make sure to get in touch with us before to make sure that you find us!


Free fiction online

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There is a wealth of free fantasy and science fiction stories to be found online, if you know where to look. Infinity Plus has an archive of stories and novel abstracts which is kept online although the site is no longer being updated.

Futurismic posts a list every Friday with links to new online fiction. It was also from Futurismic I learned that Cory Doctorow’s new YA novel Little Brother is made available for download by the author.

If you have any favourite sources of old or new fiction online, why not share them with us in the comments!