Snowflakes dancing on books

Posted in meetings at 9:06 pm by åka

A few brave and fearless met at Second Cup for hot drinks and company tonight. The weather was cold today, but we heated the surroundings with our cheerful talk about fantastic stories. Actually so much that it was clearly warmer when we left to hide in the falling snow until next meeting.

We really liked Keeping it Real, and agreed that it was a nice fast-paced read. It’s pure adventure, interesting but nothing difficult. PB is still reading Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, and talked about how fascinated she is by the story. I might return to it some other time when I’m in the mood for it (after 40 pages I lost the interest in it the first time I tried to read it).

The meeting in March will probably be on the 11, since up to now we have been meeting the second Tuesday of every month. If we have new people who want to join us but have problems with Tuesdays we will consider moving the meeting to Thursday 13.

The reading for next time is The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate by Ted Chiang, conveniently available online. Optional extra reading is anything on the preliminary Nebula nomination list, (note that more of them are available online) and we will probably also talk about other things we have read lately (and about anything else if we like).

Another idea is to get together on a Saturday and walk around the bookstores together. We might plan something like that later this spring. Other ideas are also welcome! Why not leave a suggestion in the comments to this post.

Maybe we can go together to Ad Astra, the science fiction convention in Toronto (March 28-30)? I’m going anyway.

Any news about what we’re up to will appear here, so watch this space!