Summary of the meeting on November 13

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This time we went to a coffee place downtown, and held our meeting over cups of steaming hot chocolate. We discussed advertising to get new members, and had many ideas. If you found your way here through our efforts you are very welcome!

We also talked about books, of course.

One of the nice things with this group is that we don’t all have identical tastes, and we can inspire eachother to read things we might otherwise never have tried. We discovered that we are looking for very different things in the books. For example, one of us was interested in relationships, another one mainly in complex plots, and one in new ideas.

We talked about books we like and want to recommend to others. As it happened, most of the recommendations were books that are part of a series. In some cases the whole series was discussed. To get everything on the same format I have listed only one book in each series (the first, except where another part was most recommended).

Update: fixed a title that was not the first of the series.



November meeting

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The next meeting will be on November 13. Bring one or two of your favourite books and convince the others that they should read them too!

Details about the meeting (like time and location) available if you write to the address fearlessfantasy_at_gmail.com .


Hello world!

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This is the first post. If the others want it, this will be the web page of the Fearless Fantasy book group.